Tell me your story purpose mission message

and I'll help you bring it to life

Visuals that touch

For coaches, trainers & entrepreneurs
With a strong social mission

Stand out in an ocean of coaches and distinguish yourself as an expert in your field with the right visuals.
Live your life purpose.

“Aaaargh! How do I become more visible?!! 

“I am having a hard time attracting the right clients to me”

“I have no idea how to communicate my brand visually”

You are very passionate and know exactly how you can help your clients. 

As an entrepreneur you want to do everything yourself. I know. Especially in the start of your own business because you want to save money.

You are certainly not the only one struggling with this. 

yes! Oui! si! ja! Ken! Hai! I can help you

How can you bring your purpose to life?

With the right visuals:

+ Attract the right clients who YOU can help best.

+ Live your life purpose with focus  

+ Radiate your expert status



How can visuals help?

The right visuals have the power to touch people in their hearts and attract the right people to you. By looking at your visual representation they feel intuitively if they want to work with you. 

Save time

Images explain your message briefly and clearly. This way the explanation is much faster and you save not only time but money.


By investing in the right communication tools and educational materials, you show that your clients are important to you. This way you can really make a connection.


The visual imagery is like the business card of your company. Here you can clearly express your core values and this way attract the right people.

Studio Ravivo | Helping with purpose

I absolutely love helping people to live their life purpose. Because it is mine to make your story and purpose visual. Tell me what your story is, tell me what your message is and I’ll bring it into life. I will help you to express it into this world. 

Let’s create. Because together we are better. 

Sivan Ravivo

Designer for coaches and social entrepreneurs


Let me handle it for you so you can focus on what you do best.


Art academy, 9+ years of experience in the design field and with a strong creative network. You can trust that every project will be properly tackled and completed.


The world has enough of the same visuals and people imitating each other over and over. Let's create new things together!

What can we create together?

Brand examples

Eyra Moon is a multitalented coach. She designed her brand identity herself, writes and sings beautiful songs and combines this all in her business identity. She asked me to animate her logo so she can use it in her inspirational video’s online. There is no background in this animation so she can stick it on what ever background she chooses. 

But first, let’s talk! 


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Studio Ravivo is a visual design studio based in The Netherlands run by Sivan Ravivo. 

Studio Ravivo 

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