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Global Storytellers – Cup Of Stories

Global Storytellers is een community/label bedacht en opgezet door Barbara van den Boogaard en Gerbert Toes van Uma Media Visual Storytellers. 

Cup Of Stories is het eerste product dat onder dit label de markt komt. Studio Ravivo is onderdeel van deze community en ontwerpt de illustraties, denkt mee over de look and feel en de organisatie. Ontwerpt en geeft vorm hier en daar waar nodig.

Lees meer over dit fantastische project:

‘They can challenge stereotypes, pass down wisdom, inspire life and upset the roots of inequality.’
Global Storytellers is an online platform in formation where diverse and passionate human beings around the world share and tell stories.

Global Storytellers is a celebration and reinvigoration of the art of storytelling. It is an idea for freedom of access and participation, where storytellers around the world can come together to share this passion and spread this intimacy. With Global Storytellers platform we want to gather together a global community of storytellers who will use modern technology, but with a desire to intimately connect to another human through sharing their lives, their histories or their truths with the world. Sharing in vulnerability, breaking down perceptions, and by letting go of response and, more importantly, judgment. Together we will bring about a positive disruption in the way we ‘connect’, and our perception of the other.

Cup of Stories is our first story distribution method.

as storytellers are filled with interesting connections with beautiful people. The idea for Cup of Stories – is to take a daily ritual that is practiced around the world and access that space with a story.
By ordering a cup of stories, you order your coffee, tea or juice, and receive a global story inside the cup; a small story from someone, somewhere on this globe. This is the new age version of a “message in a bottle.” It will hold the same delight, surprise, joy and intimacy like finding a bottle on a beach and reading a message that is deeply personal. The aim is to have a reader feel the closeness of the storyteller, to meet a friend – a family member – another human being – inside a cup of coffee.